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Project Management & Project Organization

Projects are the central pivot in many development activities and deliveries. The ability to complete projects is therefore central to many companies and organisations. Some of the challenges, which may occur in this context, are:

  • Creating a flexible organization model, which is positive towards change and supports the project work.
  • To make the project flow in planned or ongoing projects more efficient
  • To bring in project management competences

The Project Work Mode 

Managing and organizing a company to be project-organized is to many a new discipline. The challenge lies in readjusting from a situation, where projects are something unique, to a situation where projects and the time horizon of the project flow, productivity, and ability to meet the targets, are decisive factors in the continued existence of the company.

Project Evaluation

A project evaluation or project revision is a systematic assessment of a planned, ongoing, or completed project, reviewing its design, management, implementation and results. The goal is to establish to what extent the project has lived up to its expectations, its efficiency, impact, and long-term effect. The evaluation results in directly applicable recommendations with regard to the project in question, as well as more general conclusions, which can provide a basis for decisions concerning future improvements.




     Evaluation Report:

     Action Plan – Overview &

     basis for decision-making


  • Mapping of project management and control

  • Priority areas and inexpediency

  • Possibilities of improvement





Project Management Competences

Input of external project management resources can in part be conducive to a given project’s efficiency, and in part funnel competences into the organization. This can occur in the way of accumulating experience, and in knowledge sharing with the external project manager. New types of projects, complex and multidimensional projects, or just more projects than the company can attend to resource wise, can be some of the reasons for drawing on the expertise of an external project manager.


Our counselling is based on more than 15 years of experience in initiating, controlling, and completing a great number of large and small projects. The process entails everything from strategic refocusing, redesign of business processes, and IT projects. Furthermore, our ability to draw on management expertise from several manager jobs in project organizations enables us to combine the organizational and the operational perspectives.

We focus on the connection between project tools, management, and cultural understanding, so that progression and quality are achieved with an attitude of respect towards the human dimensions of the project and its results. 


The principal idea behind the project management work is to place the task in the centre and support resources’ ability to run efficient and accurate projects. This can happen in among other ways by:

  • Creating shared ”ground rules” and language in the project work

  • Supporting expedient project management behaviour

  • Creating a basis for the control of the projects

  • Creating the right attitude to the project work form

  • Development of project manager competences, participants and management in the project work

  • IT-support of the project model

  • Integration of tools of support (planning, economy, etc.)

  • Establishing a common ”space” for internal and external project operators

As the project work is often a complex task, we co-operate with the company or the organisation in question when we identify the focus areas, which best support the strategic goals. Then we have the opportunity to gear our joint efforts specifically to the task at hand, so the effect will become evident in the form of:

  • Progression and greater compliance with critical success factors

  • Increased cost-effectiveness and innovative ability

  • Organizational anchorage of responsibility and decision-making

  • Strategic prioritising of the projects

  • Efficient resource allocation

  • A clear division of roles and responsibility

Project Management & Project Organisations





Project Management & Project Organisation




















































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