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Change Management & Organizational Development

Constructing goals and pointing the way may be difficult, but getting people to co-operate about the realisation of these issues is a challenge in its own right. Too often organizational changes are made and projects of change are initiated, which never yield the expected results. In a best case scenario the organization is after a period of time back at its starting point - richer in experience and much poorer in resources.

A fundamental understanding of issues related to business management and co-operation must be in place, just as the organizationís readiness for change is decisive, when it comes to achieving success with the initiatives implemented. An analysis of a given organizationís readiness for change will provide both a basis for the planning of concrete developments and create a point of departure for adjustments, which may increase the readiness for change.




     Developments and challenges where

     an analysis of readiness for change

     would be advantageous:

  • Strategy change

  • Cultural change

  • Change of organizational structure

  • New co-operative relations

  • Policies and tools which support organization and management






Developments must always have a strategic foundation. However, the completion will as a rule influence or have the purpose of changing and optimising business processes. An analysis of business processes could therefore be an advantageous way to proceed when it comes to uncovering the organizational roles, the processes involved in delivering the services, as well as the tool application.



     Developments and challenges where

     the business process analysis would

     be advantageous:

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Double work

  • New tasks

  • New IT systems

  • Resource economy

  • Bottle necks

  • Organizational co-operation

  • Lack of co-operation

  • Division of work

  • Dissatisfaction among the employees










Gundelach Consult has many years of experience in supporting and completing projects of change. This experience conveys that visible management, employee involvement, thorough analyses, and progressive development are decisive, when it comes to successful implementation. This point of departure allows our counselling to focus on:

Situation-specific development

Direct and challenging access, holistic values and human dimensions, realism and creativity as tools.


Visible results

Engagement and involvement though attainable results, focus on relationships, measurement and follow-up.


The results of a development process are often considerable both in relation to strategic progression, resources, the quality of the services, and the organizational efficiency. Experience shows that the investment pays off if the developments reflect the organizational readiness. As a parallel effect of the project program and the visible results, a growth in the organizational readiness occurs, thereby creating an improved point of departure for future developments.

Change Management & Organisational Development










Change Management & Organisational Development




































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