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Identity and Branding

Identity and visibility have become very important in a day and age, where the challenges involved in recruiting and retaining good employees are complex. In addition, it is an intricate task to make yourself heard in a marketplace characterized by an excess of communication. Gundelach Consult can help your company establish and implement a clear profile internally, as well as externally.



Strategic Development and Implementation

The construction of a clear and coherent strategy, which can be communicated efficiently and provide a point of departure for measurable operational development, is often a great challenge to any management group with a busy day-to-day schedule. Gundelach Consult can assist in the establishment of such a strategy, including the creation of a better platform for decision-making.



Change Management and Organizational Development

Projects of change are increasingly becoming an integral part of every organization. As a result a competent and conscientious implementation of the change is crucial to the maintenance and development of an efficient organization. Gundelach Consult can assist your company in increasing its readiness for change, as well as in identifying potential areas of improvement.


Management Development and Employee Satisfaction

Change is an integral element in the everyday life of many managers. When it comes to successful development, the ability to adapt and reformulate your goals, while also motivating your employees, is crucial. Gundelach Consult can assist in the definition of ways in which the management group should act in their role. We also assist in the identification of concrete actions.



Knowledge Management in Practice

A decisive factor in the practical functioning of knowledge management is the ability to compare a fundamental understanding of the nature of knowledge and its application with a clarification of what the organization wishes to achieve through a focus on knowledge sharing. Gundelach Consult can assist in the clarification process and in the identification of concrete knowledge management initiatives.




IT Purchase / Support of Business Processes

The intentions behind the purchase of new IT systems are not always honoured and significant aspects of the functionality are often not applied. Gundelach Consult can assist in the preparation of an IT purchase, where the point of departure is the business processes which the system should support. Likewise we can assist in the implementation of the system. We provide a focus on functionality and on the people who should apply the system.



Project Management

Projects are the central pivot of many development activities and deliveries. As a result the ability to complete projects is crucial to many companies and organizations. Gundelach Consult can assist in the foundation of a project organisation, and evaluate planned and completed projects, as well as projects in process. We also provide project management competences in concrete projects.


 Typical Services


  • Branding strategy

  • The Core of the identity

  • Communication Strategy

  • Mediation / Dissemination

  • E-learning Program

  • Toolbox

  • Company Presentations


  • Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategy

  • From Strategy to Operational development

  • Reorganization

  • Sales Strategy

  • HR Strategy

  • IT Strategy

  • Knowledge Management Strategy

  • A World of Change


  • Analysis of Readiness for Change

  • Analysis of Business Processes








  • Holistic Management

  • Value Based Management

  • Business Excellence

  • Career Paths

  • Interaction in the Management Group

  • Management Development

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey



  • Clarification Seminar – “What is Knowledge Management?"

  • Analysis of Identification of Needs

  • Knowledge Management Strategy

  • Action Plan for Knowledge Management Activities



  • Strategic Clarification of IT-purchase

  • Analysis of Business Processes before Specification of Requirements

  • Functional Specification of Requirements

  • The Tender Process

  • Supplier Supervision

  • Implementation Support



  • Establishing a Project Organization

  • Project Evaluation

  • Project Management


















































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